Walk-A-Bout DakotaWalk-A-Bout Dakota

Montana Mule Days 2002 2001 2000
  • Grand Champion Donkey
  • Jack Champion
  • High Point Performance Donkey
  • High Point Gaming Donkey
  • Overall High Point Riding Donkey
  • Jack Champion
  • High Point Gaming Donkey
  • High Point Performance Donkey
  • Overall High Point Riding Donkey
  • 2nd place Mammoth Donkey Jack at Halter
Montana Jack Show and Mule Fair 2001
  • 3rd place Musical Sacks
  • 4th place Phone Book Race
American Donkey and Mule Society 2002 2001
  • 3 Versatilities Hall of Fames
  • 4 Versatilities Hall of Fames

Walk-A-Bout Dakota is a 14.1 hand true black mammoth jack. When we bought Dakota at age 7 he was not broke to ride, so we promtly broke him to ride. Dakota recently has also been started under driving. We took Dakota to his very first show, in 2000 and since then he has done very well at the shows. Dakota has 2 Overall High Point Donkeys, 2 High Point Gaming Donkeys, 2 High Point Performance Donkeys, 2 Jack Champions at Halter, and 1 Grand Champion Donkey at Halter. Keep looking for this jack in the show ring.


Montana Mule Days 2001 2000
  • Reserve High Point Gaming Mule
  • Reserve High Point Gaming Mule
Montana Jack Show
and Mule Fair
  • High Point Mule

Emmy is a 15.1 hand blonde sorrel molly mule. She is owned and ridden by Christie Jennings of Walk-A-Bout Acres. We bought Emmy at age 5, at which time she was a pack mule, that had been attacked by a bear. When she was attacked she had the saddle ripped off her back, and she drug the saddle for some time. She only had a rider on her when following another mule on a trail. Emmy had hardly any idea what the reins meant, much less how to go faster than a walk. Christie had spent a complete summer just getting Emmy to learn the control and getting her to lope. Emmy would trot okay, but would not lope. Finally at the end of the summer, she broke into a lope and realized it wasn't so bad. Since then Emmy has become a very trustworthy, loving mount. She has been shown at Montana Mule Days for a few years and progressivly keeps getting better. In 2000 Emmy had won the Reserve High Point Gaming Mule, which is a great honor considering she was competing against 40-50 mules. Sadly Emmy passed away in 2003.

Montana Mule Days 2001
2nd Place Mammoth Jack at Halter
American Donkey and Mule Society 2001
    2 Versatilities Hall of Fames

Rocky Top Black Magic is a 14.2 1/2 hand black mammoth jack. We bought Merlin in Febuary of 2001 at 8 years old. When we brought him home we promptly started to break him to ride. Merlin is a wonderful jack, he has the conformation and dispostition. Merlin was sold to Roy Ennes, of Darby, MT.

Montana Mule Days 2001
2nd Place Mules of 2000 at Halter

Pockets was born April 15, 2001. She is a spotted gaited molly mule. Pockets is a very well put together mule. She leads (walk and trot), handles feet nicely, trailers, blankets, stalls, wraps legs, body clips, and loves to be petted and brushed. Pockets also crosses bridges, railroad tracks, has been in a parade, and is good around wagons, buggies, and carts. She is out of a mare we owned, Leslies April Mist (Reg. AQHA) and a jack that we also owned, Co Co Mo Jo (spotted gaited lrg. std jack). She was bought by Montana Eco Outfitters Inc, of Lolo, MT.

Annie Rose

Montana Mule Days 2000 1999 1998 1997
  • High Point Performance Donkey
  • High Point Gaming Donkey
  • Overall High Point Donkey
  • High Point Performance Donkey
  • High point Gaming Donkey
  • Overall High Point Donkey
  • Reserve High Point Gaming Donkey
  • Reserve High Point Performance Donkey
  • High Point Performance Donkey
American Donkey and Mule Society 2000
  • Versatility Hall of Fame

Annie Rose is a 13.2 hand sorrel mammoth jennet. When we got Annie Rose she was slated for euthanasia. She was an orphan whos mother died when Annie Rose was 14 days old. As a baby she went for car rides, had a bed on porch for sleeping and thought of humans as another donkey. When she got older she turned very agressive toward humans. She charged and bit with a vengance and then turned and kicked with great accuarcy. She was very dangerous and the owners thought she would kill someone. With a change of ownership and alot of gentle training (started at age 8), Annie Rose is now a very kind and gentle all around donkey. Her breeder now classifies Annie Rose as a Cinderella Story. She is highly admired and is used as a role model for all the other donkey owners. Anyone can walk out in the field without any danger. She is now kid safe, bomb proof, and a wonderful performance and trail donkey. She also is excellent in western pleasure, driving, jumps up to 3 feet, and is a great friend. Her only personal quirk is when you walk out in field, and she thinks you are going to catch her to go for a ride, she will drop instantly and roll in the dirt. This way I have to work extra hard to get her clean enough to saddle. In the five years of owning her she has taken Overall High Point Donkey for the last 2 years and in six weeks of 5 allowable years Annie Rose took the Versatility Hall of Fame.

Dixie Belle

Montana Mule Days 1999
  • 3rd place Donkey Barrel and Stake Race
  • 3rd place Donkey Keyhole Race
  • 4th place Donkey Trail

Bitteroot Donkey Dixie Belle is a 14.3 hand sorrel mammoth jennet. We bought her at age 13-15 at which time she was barely broke to ride, but was broke to drive. We have spent many hours breaking her to ride and at the same time keep up with her driving. In 1999 we had taken Dixie to her first show to ever be ridden in and she did well for the few events we entered her in. In 1999 we also drove Dixie threw the Montana Mule Day parade. Since 1999 we have retired Dixie to an occasional drive, trail riding and a wonderful brood jennet.

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